AI HR Edge: Tecsdesk, From Hire to Retire

  • Employee database and reporting
  • Payroll, time, and benefits
  • Hiring and onboarding

Why Choose Tecsdesk?

Our software delivers a seamless recruitment experience to all stakeholders, ensuring a top-tier candidate journey with minimal data entry required.

Tecsdesk features an intuitive user interface and customizable workflows. Our dynamic forms support a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System, efficient Interview Management, streamlined Offer Letter Management, and an MIS with a versatile Report Builder.

Preferred by Top HR Innovators

Hire the Right Talent for Every Role with Tecsdesk’s ai driven RPAT

  • Quick, precise filtering by skills, experience, and more.
  • Pre-qualify candidates based on skills, education, and experience.
  • Monitor candidates from hiring to onboarding and beyond.
  • Easily create offers with CTC details and monitor acceptance.
  • Keep tabs on all requisitions and their progress stages.
  • Connect interviewers, managers, recruiters, and candidates efficiently.
  • One-stop for all hiring-related documents.
  • Direct application feature for candidates on your website.
  • Timely notifications for new requisitions and position tracking.
  • Achieve lower time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and better-quality hires.

Switch to Tecsdesk today, and:


More Efficient Candidate Screening


Faster Hiring


Save on Recruitment admin

One Platform, Infinite Hiring Possibilities

Connecting Dots in Recruitment: From Talent Hunt to Team Triumph.

AOHR's Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

At AOHR, we view corporate social responsibility (CSR) not just as a duty but as a distinct honor. We are deeply thankful for the chance to contribute positively to the world and approach this task with earnest dedication.

Our commitment to CSR is reflected in our pledge to conduct business ethically and with integrity across the globe. We aim to not only operate responsibly but also to enrich the communities where we work.

Each of our local teams is devoted to recognizing and aiding philanthropic initiatives tailored to the unique needs of their communities. This localized approach ensures our impact is both meaningful and relevant, strengthening the bond between AOHR and the diverse regions we serve.

About Us

AOHR is a network of highly-skilled, diverse, and multi-levelled talent. We’re grounded on obsessive customer service and lighting speed delivery to what you need in terms of career growth and development.