IT/ITES Industry

Utilize Reliable IT/ITES Solutions to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Services and Solutions

Strong infrastructure and innovation are essential in the fiercely competitive IT/ITES sector. One of AOHR unique selling points is its ability to provide customized IT/ITES solutions. We concentrate on optimizing processes, increasing output, and driving digital transformation to keep your business competitive. Join forces with Binary Global to move confidently and nimbly across the IT/ITES landscape.

  • Professional Services for IT Resolutions

    At AOHR, we provide an extensive array of Professional Services to enable your company with state-of-the-art IT solutions. Providing outstanding project management, expert implementation services, consulting services, configuration centre services, and OEM professional services is the mission of our skilled team of professionals. Our focus is on security, cloud computing, and customized solutions to help you get the most out of your IT investments and grow your organization.

  • Cloud Solutions

    Innovative Digital Solutions for Modern Businesses. 
Our technology solutions have the power to revolutionize forward-thinking businesses across the globe.

  • Maximizing Cloud's Business Potential

    With a focus on assisting companies in streamlining their operations, spurring expansion, and achieving digital success, AOHR is a reputable supplier of all-encompassing cloud solutions. Our area of expertise is using the cloud's power to create scalable, safe, and effective solutions that are suited to the particular requirements of businesses in a variety of sectors.

  • Enterprise Networking

    Success in today's hyperconnected business environment depends critically on having a strong and effective network infrastructure. Our specialty at AOHR is providing enterprise networking solutions that enable companies to maximize data throughput, improve network performance, and create seamless communication.

Choose the Appropriate Source

We are making the hiring process as simple as possible. Let us handle the hiring process while you concentrate on the things that are truly important to your company.

IT Staffing Providers

We work in tandem with you to organize and optimize the talent pool for your IT staffing requirements. Conversely, we locate and match applicants with the necessary skills, interests, and experience for your employment role from a variety of databases. 

We are well-equipped to handle the problems presented by the constantly changing IT industry and to meet any demands that may arise in the future. As a result, our database is brimming with talent that has a distinct focus on developing technology.

Engagement Models


Contract Staffing

The labour market is evolving in a way that favors contract staffing, sometimes referred to as staff augmentation, because to its flexibility. Both clients and applicants are finding contract staffing to be a desirable alternative.

By employing contract workers, our contract staffing service assists you in finding temporary or seasonal workers to meet your upcoming needs. Contractual hiring helps you minimize expenses by allowing you to retain the right people at the correct staffing levels.

Compared to traditional staffing arrangements, contract staffing offers businesses a number of advantages.


Contract to Hire

It might be challenging to strike a balance between the requirement to hire quickly and the requirement to hire the appropriate resources. Compared to direct hire, contract-to-hire staffing is a more successful method of determining a candidate's fit. It is the most adaptable way to increase resources without having to shoulder the additional expense of hiring processing.

We will send you a list of applicants that meet your budget, culture, and technical needs exactly when you use our contract-to-hire services. Our knowledgeable hiring advisors locate the best candidates for your business while reducing the strain on cash flow and headcount.



Candidates are hired directly for positions that need a permanent work history. Our recruiters are exceptionally skilled at using social recruitment and the talent pool to find the top people who meet your technological and skill requirements.

Every applicant will be screened, qualified, and have their references verified. Our job is to link people with careers, not simply talents.



For a small hourly referral fee, we provide qualified candidates for Contract and Contract-to-Hire positions on your payroll (W2). Many companies favor this approach since it is the most efficient of the others.

AOHR IT Staffing's benefit

We build strong relationships with hiring managers and work closely with our team. We are the best at locating and providing qualified candidates who give you outstanding outcomes.

Advantages of AOHR

We locate novel and stimulating work prospects for proficient professionals such as yourself. We are able to offer you a variety of job options because of our established relationships with top employers in many industries.

We promise to pay our Corp-to-Corp and 1099 employees on schedule.

We Provide Our W-2 Workers with An Alluring Benefits Package Including:

About Us

AOHR is a network of highly-skilled, diverse, and multi-levelled talent. We’re grounded on obsessive customer service and lighting speed delivery to what you need in terms of career growth and development.